Feels good, not to panic.

We landed the most versatile DB in the draft, sitting back. We also landed the most physical (yet versatile) DB with a (baby) trade up. Then we turn around and take a flier on a versatile DL that I don't even know. So what? We (the Bengals) are changing the game, that's what.

We made the SB and NOBODY expected us to do so. Joe Burrow is freakin' awesome. Chase is a monster. Mixon is a beast. Higgins is a freak. Boyd is a dog............. Hurst is starvin'. ..........We just revamped most of our OL and only have 1 spot up for grabs and that competition is needed for morale purposes.

Awuzie, Hilton, Bates, Bell, Hendrickson, Hubbard, Pratt, Wilson, Reader and BJ Hill are all proven. Apple is way better than people give credit. ADG and Ossai will come back with a vengeance. We now have the luxury to draft for depth and to fill roles in a versatile way to bring dynamics the game has never seen. I love it.

A credit to the coaches.

I look for us to draft nothing but BPA. Look for versatility...

"VERSATILITY IS KEY" heard it here first

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