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Bengals release 2022 schedule with unique video

One of the top social media teams in the league strikes again.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals social media team has seen incredible growth over the last few seasons.

After years of being a bit behind, they’ve not only adapted to the social media teams in the league, they’ve quickly become one of the best.

From the comment after the leak of the new uniforms saying “My phone died, what did I miss over the weekend,” to the Ryan Finley down the chimney after beating Pittsburgh near Christmas in 2020, they’ve clearly gotten a great handle on captivating fans online.

With the schedule released this evening, they took another opportunity to engage fans in a funny, entertaining way.

From funny pictures to adding elements surrounding the teams they’ll face, the Bengals social team hit another home run with this content.

Who else thinks to have Eli Apple selling Cincinnati chili on Bourbon Street in his return to New Orleans, while using the famous Joe Burrow driving the cart picture to pull a Mardi Gras float behind him? Naturally, the famous mic cart absolutely dusts Tyreek Hill in a race.

What a way to get fans excited for what should be another electric season.