Appreciation of last season

Hi all,

I’ve been a member for several years but rarely post. I only follow this and UK basketball. I love the engagement on this site and loath the crap on the KRS site. I wanted to comment about last year. It was magical! Even if we didn’t win it all, it was still amazing. The last 6 or so games and then the playoffs. I was watching the raiders game in Lake Tahoe. There were 100 raiders fans and me. It was hilarious! Each week was like a dream! The thing is, we are never going to have again. It was a one-off. I don’t mean we will suck. I just mean you only get to sneak up on people once. We are now expected to win. I feel confident that we will. But the magic of being the underdog is gone. Seeing how the majority of the country was rooting for us. Seeing use get national attention. Seeing kids around the country in Bengals jerseys. A team that has always been an afterthought since the 1990s. It’s like the nerdy unpopular kid becoming homecoming king. It was a magical journey. If you didn’t feel inspired last year, then you’re probably dead inside. The SB is in my town this year. I hope to go. Meanwhile, regardless of what happen going forward, last year was magical and will always bring a smile to my face. Who Dey bitches!!!

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