Leveon Bell 2.0?

Since the comments are currently not working on the Bates article, thought I'd start my own thread to get your guys thoughts. I've got a couple questions:

1. What are the chances Jessie actually holds out the season and refuses to play? I know the reports came out that he's refusing to play but letting 13 million go would definitely be a ballsy decision.

2. Are there any realistic trade partners? What could we even get for him, a 2nd rounder? Who's going to pay him what he's asking for?

3. How does this affect the locker room? I get both sides of this situation but one thing is clear to me, Bates cares more about $$$ then winning a superbowl so I say see ya later, his replacement is already on the roster.

FWIW I'm a fan of Bates and am really disappointed how this situation transpired. Over 2 years of negotiating and nothing to show for. If only he had played all year long like he did in the playoffs I think this whole mess would have been sorted out months ago.

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