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Bengals rookie Cordell Volson feels at home in Cincinnati

The fourth-round pick likes the vibe of Cincinnati.

NFL: MAY 13 Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Minicamp Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Compared to most NFL cities, Cincinnati is a bit low-key. A midwestern town with old industry still embedded in an urban area.

Relative to Fargo, North Dakota, the hometown of Bengals rookie Cordell Volson, Cincinnati might be a metropolis.

In his first exposure with the Queen City, Volson found comfort in the ways that his birthplace and new work place reminisce one another. He said as much after practicing next to Paul Brown Stadium for the first time last week and seeing the surrounding environment.

“I saw the bulldozers and I was thinking ‘You’re right at home,’” Volson told Geoff Hobson of “Sometimes, maybe I’ll need to go get humble and move some railroad ties or something. It’s a cool place. First time I’ve ever been in Cincinnati.”

Despite their proximity to Hilltop concrete and the surrounding gravel and asphalt lots, the Bengals aren’t letting their future answer at left guard move any railroad ties, even though he probably could. The 23-year old lineman is as strong as he is durable, just some of the many qualities Cincinnati saw in him. What may help him get on the field the quickest might be his unrelenting approach to the game.

“The will to win is unbelievable in that guy,” Volson’s high school coach Chris Arnold said of him. “I could go on for hours about his work ethic. And he’s stayed rooted with a great family.”

As of now, Volson is the backup left guard behind Jackson Carman, but to call that situation fluid would be an understatement. We’ll see how far Volson’s work ethic can carry him in a training camp battle come August.