Your Bengal Breakout Pick

Hello all! Here is my question…who is your Bengal breakout pick? Doesn’t matter if it’s rookie to X year player, but who do you think will shine this year? Or…who is your surprise pick on who helps this team take it over the top as a new player to the team whether it be a free agent or a draft pick?

For me…I truly believe Jackson Carman will be a stud a LG this year. Let think having a full healthy off season, a year in the system, and a switch to his more "natural" side will pay dividends. For my X factor breakout pick…Hayden Hurst. I think he is bound for a great year with Burrow. Before CJ got hurt two seasons ago him and Burrow meshed very well and this past season that carried on. I expect Hurst to kill it this season.

Win-loss record guess:


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