If the Bengals would trade Bates, what's an acceptable return?

I was watching a quick video of James Rapien discussing his views on what he viewed as an acceptable return if the Bengals traded Jesse Bates. His view was you need either a 1st round pick or an immediate contributor like Kittles from SF, Waller from Vegas or a lock down CB. Rapien said he would turn down a 2nd round pick as not enough.

In my view, no one is trading a stud TE or CB for Bates. The 1st round pick would be a strong return, but I see that as unlikely given Bates play last year during the season. But I would most certainly take a 2nd round pick. Along with that 2nd rounder the Bengals would pick up $12.9 million of additional cap, something Rapien did not factor into the analysis. There is a stud TE available, you may have heard of him, Gronk. That $13 million might get Gronk to join, which makes the trade Gronk and a 2nd rounder for Bates.

I'm interested is seeing what others think is acceptable.

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