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NFL streaming service ‘NFL Plus’ to launch in July, per report

Live local games on your phone, courtesy of the league.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Need another streaming service in your life? The NFL is next on the list.

The league is planning to launch NFL Plus in July. Sports Business Journal’s Ben Fischer reports it has been approved during this week’s owners meetings in Atlanta.

First reported back in March, NFL Plus will allow users to stream live games on mobile devices for a price of $5 per month. Though other content may be available with the service, you’re paying to watch games in your market. Games outside of the market you reside in will not be available, so for Cincinnati Bengals fans in the area, this will be a way to watch Bengals games on your phone.

Such a product is not entirely new for NFL fans. The NFL had deals with Yahoo! and Verizon to stream live in-market games, but with those contracts now expired, the league is going forward with their own product for the time-being.

The NFL is still looking for new media partners, such as Apple and Amazon, and NFL Plus “could be folded into that package,” per Fischer.

While it sounds similar to NFL Game Pass, you cannot watch live games with Game Pass in the United States. NFL Plus gives you that option.

Will you consider subscribing to NFL Plus when it releases in the Summer? Let us know in the comments!