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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Flexing the Might

This week, John and Anthony recap the happenings of OTAs, while also looking at some “Behind the Scenes Bengals” and a “Remember When...?”.

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The Bengals are conducting on-field work, but a few questions about the solid-looking squad linger. There are a few absences from workouts—be it from contract situations or injury.

We talk about the latest headlines on this week’s show, as well as “Behind-the-Scenes Bengals” and “Remember when...?”.

Here’s what’s on tap this week:

  • Alex Cappa has a core muscle injury. By the sounds of it, the issue is minor and he’ll be back soon. Sound familiar?
  • Scotty Washington is quickly becoming a player to focus on through this summer.
  • The next two Ring of Honor inductees may seem obvious to many, but there are A LOT of good choices.
  • Which nominees (or non-nominees) are not getting enough run for the Ring of Honor?
  • A backup running back and rotational linebacker are two “Behind the Scenes Bengals” in 2022.
  • Remember when Giovani Bernard was a consistent 1,000-yard scrimmage player on the regular? What can that tell us about players on this current roster?
  • And more!

Our thanks to those who joined us for the live show and to those who get it on your favorite platform afterward!

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