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Bengals News (5/26): Getting dismissive

The Bengals critics are getting loud as the season draws closer.

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NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Bengals Notebook: Evan McPherson, Safety Michael Thomas, Tight end Scotty Washington
"They never said I was the guy," McPherson said. "It was always, 'You have to compete for it,' and I feel like I probably needed that a little bit. Just to make sure I was kind of dialed in and just competing every day, trying to get the best out of me. Honestly, I think that's why they never really said I was the guy."

Bengals Beat Writers Fail To Do Their Jobs
As Defector reported in April, a 17-year-old girl went to the Clemson Police Department in 2020 to report that Carman had raped her. The incident, in which she said Carman took her to his Clemson student housing and “forced himself” on her, took place in May 2018, when she was 15 and Carman was 18.

Joe Burrow awaits Bengals-Patriots game vs. 'trash-talker' Matt Judon
"Matt Judon - Patriots. Best trash-talker in the league," Burrow told the Full Send Podcast recently. "I only played Baltimore one time my rookie year because I got hurt. He - I mean even if it's not a play that he did anything - I mean, he's talking. And I love that. Unfortunately, we stunk that year, so I couldn't really say anything back. But I think we play the Patriots this year, so that'll be fun. ... (Quarterback Mac Jones) just fit right in to what they were trying to do."

Keyshawn Johnson Dismissing Bengals After 'Magical Ride' to Super Bowl LVI
"I think they're a good football team, there's no question about it, but I don't think that they're at the top of the class of the AFC Conference," Johnson said on ESPN radio. "I would be very cautious to think that they're gonna be back the same sorta situation again this season. The ball bounced perfectly for them. Let's be honest with each other. There was probably four or five games in the regular season that could've swung either way and it swung on their side.

Why the NFL took $7.5 million from the Bengals
Team owner Stan Kroenke had agreed to pay all legal costs for the relocation, but by the time the Rams and NFL reached a settlement with the city of St. Louis, the cost of the lawsuit had reached $790 million.

Cincinnati Bengals Legend Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Has Fun Idea That Would Improve Pro Bowl
The NFL is hoping to improve the Pro Bowl, but may consider eliminating it if they can't make the annual All-Star game more watchable. Former Bengals star Chad Johnson believes current Pro Bowlers should go against past stars on the gridiron.

Around the league

Colin Kaepernick working out for Raiders on Wednesday
Kaepernick last played with the San Francisco 49ers during the 2016 season, during which he peacefully protested social injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem prior to games. Kaepernick went unsigned in the following offseason and has been working toward finding employment in the league.

NFL's most underappreciated players: Hunter Renfrow, Chuck Clark among AFC picks
One of my favorite offseason tasks is to scour every NFL roster and identify the most underappreciated player on each team using my context-based models. In the fast-paced NFL season, it's easy to focus on superstars or skill-position players who help us win in fantasy football, but one of the most useful applications of analytics is to view every game from the previous campaign through the lens of a total-contribution metric, to see where teams earned an edge that perhaps didn't get as much attention as it should have during the season.

NFL bandwagons to hop on in 2022: New Orleans Saints, Trevor Lawrence, Josh McDaniels top the list
With the coaching carousel, free agency frenzy and draft all in the rearview -- and with the 2022 schedule set -- we've entered the closest thing to an NFL offseason. It's the (relative) calm before the storm of training camp and another NFL season, a time for deep contemplation and bold projection. Who do you believe in for the coming campaign? 'Tis the season to fall in love with players, coaches and teams.