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Tycen Anderson after being draft by Bengals: “Hey Mama, we’re going to Cincinnati”

A beautiful sight to see.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one theme regarding the Bengals' 2022 NFL Draft, it was that they were set to get a quick, athletic secondary.

Their first two picks, safety Daxton Hill and cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt, both fit that mold. They took a break and addressed both the offensive and defensive line with their third- and fourth-round pick.

In the fifth round, the Bengals traded up to take another athletic defensive back. This time, it was Tycen Anderson, a fifth-year cornerback from Toledo. Here’s the video of Anderson as soon as he found out that he’s coming to the Queen City.

Anderson was a solid tackler at Toledo and should be able to bring that tenacity with him to the NFL. He ended his career with 233 tackles, 84 of which were in 2019. Anderson has recorded some deflections but hasn’t intercepted a ball since 2018.

There are clear struggles, as to why he was a fifth-round pick. However, his metrics show that of a player capable of thriving at football’s highest level. Anderson will likely get spotty snaps as a rookie yet should have an impactful role on the special teams unit.

Anderson was the 166th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.