Offensive Line Versatility

J.C Tretter

Signing J.C Tretter at Center and moving Ted Karras to Left Guard?

The question mark at LG is concerning for a team that broke records on amount of sacks given up last season. Bengals may be saving cap space for Jessie Bates, or for the next off season (future contracts). It’s no question that JC Tretter is a better Center then Ted Karras. A signing that would turn Karras into the best LG on roster, bringing versatility to offensive line. Also worth noting that Ted Karras has better ratings at Guard, then he has had at Center. Creating a solid o-line to protect Joe Burrow is key to keeping the offense flowing.

After three season in Green Bay, Tretter joined the Browns in 2017 and was the team’s full-time starter at center for his entire tenure there. As possibly one of the top remaining free agents available, J.C. Tretter’s limited interest remains a mystery. Establishing himself as one of the best centers in the NFL during the past few seasons, Tretter doubles as the president of the NFL Players Association. Solid in pass pro while being a strong run blocker, it’s only a matter of time before the 31-year-old, eight-year vet finds a new home for 2022.

LT: Williams LG: Karras C: Tretter RG: Cappa RT: Collins

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