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Cam Taylor-Britt impressed Bengals scout by playing through horrific tooth injury

“He was in a lot of pain” during the interview process.

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

If you’re wondering why the Bengals moved up to Draft Nebraska’s Cam Taylor-Britt in the second round, don’t just look to his amazing athleticism. You can largely attribute the rookie corner’s being in Cincinnati to his outstanding character.

As Bengals scout Christian Sarkisian tells it, Taylor-Britt’s toughness, energy, and leadership were noticeable to everyone around him. “Out of all the practices I went to this fall, he was the most energetic player I saw,” said Sarkisian, according to’s Geoff Hobson. “He was coaching up guys, he was cheering guys on, talking smack to the offense, calling guys out. The coaches loved him.”

And what Sarkisian saw only confirmed the glowing reviews he heard from Bengals wide receivers coach Troy Walters, who coached Taylor-Britt in college, and Bengals receiver Stanley Morgan Jr., who was Taylor-Britt’s teammate in college.

One attribute that Morgan Jr. mentioned in relation to Taylor-Britt was on full display for Sarkisian: toughness. As the Bengals’ scout for the region from the Great Plains to the Rio Grande tells it, Taylor-Britt had to leave practice early, though he’d return for the second and third days.

Why did he have to leave?

“He went up in contested situation and chipped a tooth down to the nerve,” Sarkisian said. “He was rushed to the hospital and told his week was over.”

But that painful injury didn’t deter the 22 year old in the slightest. “He said no way, and came back to practice and played in the game,” Sarkisian narrated. He added that the cornerback was “in a lot of pain” when the scout interviewed him on that third night. “I had to send an intern back to his hotel room because he forgot his pain reliever and was struggling,” he said.

Clearly, Taylor-Britt is dedicated to his craft and has the physicality to keep up with the most impressive athletes in the world. To hear our analysis of the selection of Taylor-Britt and our grades for the Draft as a whole, watch the video below:

You can also listen to the discussion on iTunes or using the player below: