My one request of Zach Taylor

Coach Zach: For the love of all that is Who Dey, please limit Joseph Ossai's exposure in pre season games! You saw enough last pre season to know that he is worthy of play. Treasure him as you do the other top players, with one quarter of each preseason game. We need him to not be injured out again for a season. Yes, it's nice for him to practice and develop. But another season-ending (or even multiple game) injury would be a blow to the team's morale that you (and we) simply do not need at this time. It would be the most old-bungles move possible. If you feel you can't limit him totally, please, at least, limit him in those games that are played on AstroTurf, whose teams have twice the injuries of those who play on grass. About over-exposing him last preseason Here's to that being one of those mistakes last year that you learned and moved on from.

Thank you and congratulations on last year's hard-won season,

A long-suffering 40-year Bengals fan.

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