Hunter Bryant TE, what do you think?

Hunter Bryant had a successful college career and in his final season tallied 52 receptions for 852 yards and 3 tds. He was a 2nd team all-American selection and he decided to jump into the draft with 1 year of eligibility left. He's a 6'2", 240 lb TE and coming out of the draft was considered one of the top receiving options for the TE position. He's had injuries that hurt him in college, nothing major that I know of and always seemed to be nicked up when he was with Detroit. If you take a look at his highlights the guy has excellent hands and wins on the 1-1 throws. He lacks the ability to hold anchor and block but I think he's a major upgrade to anyone we have at the #3 TE position and could spell Hurst if needed. He could be brought in on the cheap, but could offer a nice boost to the TE group.

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