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Ja’Marr Chase discusses which DB changed the way he studied film

It just so happens to be a CB with a division rival.

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When the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Ja’Marr Chase, no one knew what was about to happen during his rookie campaign.

However, after a historic season and performing very well against Jalen Ramsey, who many view as the best cornerback in the NFL, you would imagine that there is not a cornerback in the league that has Chase worried too much.

That is not the case according to the man himself.

During a press conference, Chase told reporters that the division rival Cleveland Browns’ cornerback Denzel Ward had him studying film after their first matchup.

“The first main person I really started to study was that freakin’ cat from the Browns, (Denzel) Ward,” Chase said, according to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic. “I like his game a lot. He’s so good and so patient. He doesn’t get beat often, and when he does, he gets beat with his eyes. He is really patient, and that’s one of those tendencies that doesn’t really show on film, so you have to watch his tape real, real close to find out everything you can on him. He’s the one guy I watched a lot of film on after the first meeting.”

Chase only hauled in two catches during the Week 18 matchup to secure some history with the playoff spot already locked up.

However, in Week 9, the Bengals suffered a 41-16 loss to the Browns, Chase was the target of a 99-yard pick six in the opening quarter.

Before that game, Chase would study broader defensive looks instead of individual matchups before a game. That changed after the first matchup with Ward.

The two will face each other for the first time again next season in Week 8.