LeSean McCoy says he can’t see difference between Joe Burrow and Kenny Pickett

What is the best explanation of this statement?

1. He went to (not graduated from) Pitt, enough said

2. His nickname is Shady, which is perfectly displayed in his opinions

3. Too many head hits

4. His momma dropped him repeatedly

5. He's a bad tipper, which displays his lack of judgement. "In September 2014, McCoy received criticism for leaving a $0.20 tip at the PYT burger restaurant in Philadelphia."

6. He has problem with women which causes him mental duress.

7. He's just not that smart, 19 teams passed on Pickett before he was picked (Joe had ZERO)

8. He gave out plot points over Twitter in Avengers Endgame and his head has never been right since.

Please feel free to share yours.

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