Bengal Jim and Friends spearheading Jungle II the Hall

Bengal Jim and Friends' Jungle II the Hall

The Cincinnati Bengals' 2021 Fan of the Year and his great group of contributors in James Spink, Jamie Stephens and Tom Justin are all coordinating yet another great fan event. "Jungle II the Hall" starts up this Saturday, June 25th, as the group and Bengals fans all make their way to Canton in an effort to give former Bengals players their Hall of Fame due.

The group kicked off "Jungle to the Hall" last year, in an effort to give due recognition to guys like Willie Anderson, Ken Anderson, Ken Riley and others for Hall of Fame consideration. The event was a resounding success and along with making an in-person case in Canton for those three greats, others like Max Montoya and Chad Johnson are on the docket this time around.

Jim, Jamie, James and Tom all run a great, fan-centric show, as well as raise thousands of dollars every year at their tailgates for charities--both stemming from Bengals roots, and/or local Cincinnati causes. While the themes of their endeavors are for and about both the Bengals and their fans, the group is also doing great things for a lot of different people through a number of causes.

For this year's event, Jim and the gang have interviews with Bob Trumpy, Raiders Hall of Fame defensive back Mike Haynes, as well as appearances by the radio voices of the Bengals, Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham. You won't want to miss any of these festivities.

Help support "Jungle II the Hall" this Saturday and get involved if you're able! Check the image flyer for details, or @BengalJims_BTR on Twitter for details.

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