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La’el Collins talks about decision to get Bengals tattoo

One of the members of Joe Burrow’s security detail doesn’t waste time showing how committed he is to the Bengals.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It is safe to say that Cincinnati Bengals fans hadn’t gone through a free agency saga like the one for former Dallas Cowboys tackle La’el Collins. From the standoff of seeing if a team would actually trade for the talented tackle to combing social media every 15 minutes for even a crumb of new information. Luckily Cincinnati pulled through and landed a great bookend tackle for Joe Burrow’s right side.

Collins may be one of the team’s newest members, but he has been very enthusiastic about this new opportunity. Soon after he signed, Collins went out and got a Bengals tattoo that covered the back of his left calf. Recently, he sat down with’s Geoff Hobson to talk about the journey his ink represents.

“I was just kind of sitting around. I had always wanted one, but I didn’t know what I wanted to get,” Collins told Hobson. “It kind of made sense since football meant so much to me, I just wanted to get kind of a collage of where I started. The bottom of the leg is the year I was born. On this side is my little league team. The Rams. And this is my high school team. This is our high school logo … we were the Wolves, so I put a wolf right here. Going to Dallas, there’s (the Cowboys’ stadium) and the star.”

Collins has an interesting story to tell, and most of it is illustrated there on his body. Fortunately he landed in Cincinnati, which gave him a great opportunity to add this epic tattoo.

“I was always kind of wondering what I was going to put there,” Collins said. ‘I signed here. Perfect.”

With how Cincinnati aggressively attacked the offensive line this offseason that held back this team back last year, it is safe to say the expectations for this team are no longer to just make the playoffs. It is to get back to the Super Bowl and changing the outcome. Give Collins something to add to his tattoo.