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Film Room: Defensive UDFAs

The draft ended and the Bengals kept right on adding defensive talent.

Chick-fil-A Kickoff - Louisville v Ole Miss Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals only drafted six players this year, but they added many more rookies than that. Here is a look at the defensive undrafted free agents that the team will bring into camp in 2022 along with one special teams UDFA and a defensive rookie with professional experience in Germany.

Cal Adomitis – long snapper - 6’1” 234 - Pittsburgh

The long snapper position is a bit of an asterisk. The Bengals, of course, have dependable folk hero Clark Harris holding down that position. It is hard to see them moving on from him, but there is something to the Cal Adomitis hype.

This clip shows a good angle of Adomitis snapping the ball and getting involved in the tackle.

Tariqious Tisdale - defensive linemen - 6’4” 285 – Ole Miss

Tariqious Tisdale is just the type of versatile defensive lineman that the Bengals love. He is a bit undersized, but still has the strength to hold his own on the interior. Tisdale has a great burst off the line, which could make him a valuable interior pass rusher. He also does a good job of holding the edge against the run.

In this clip, he uses a push-pull move to come inside the offensive tackle and make the tackle for a loss.

Tisdale’s biggest issue in college was staying healthy, and his availability will be his most important ability as he looks to make a name for himself in Cincinnati. With a wealth of young talent, there will be fierce competition on the defensive line, but if Tisdale gets an opportunity, he could be a surprise member of the 2022 Bengals.

Clarence Hicks – linebacker - 6’1” 225 – Texas-San Antonio

Clarence Hicks is in the Akeem Davis-Gaither mold. He is not so much a linebacker as a small edge.

He has excellent burst and explosion, the combination of which led to 10.5 sacks last season.

In this clip, he uses an inside move to get by the offensive tackle, but when the quarterback escapes the pocket, Hicks gets back outside and runs him down.

Hicks has an interesting skillset which could give him a chance at sticking around, at least on the practice squad.

Carson Wells - linebacker – 6’2” 241 – Colorado

Carson Wells is a very consistent player who does just about everything well, a combination that the Bengals will find very attractive. He has shown some flashes as a pass-rusher, with 12 sacks over the last two seasons. He also performs well on coverage and has good ball skills.

That is evident in this clip, where Wells makes a very acrobatic play and comes away with the pick and almost makes it to the end zone.

It will be tough to make this roster as a linebacker where the Bengals are young and deep, but Wells brings some nice things to the table. His best chance will be standing out on special teams.

Delonte Hood -cornerback – 5’11” 192 - Peru State

Delonte Hood has a lot of the qualities that the Bengals look for in a defensive back. He consistently shows great effort and is relentless in his pursuit of the ball. He is a physical player who is not afraid to come up and make a play against the run.

Hood played a heavy dose of press-man in college, and shined in this role. In this clip, he showcases his man coverage skills against the fade route.

Hood is impressive on film, but it will be a big leap from the NAIA to the NFL. His motor and physical toughness will give him a shot to stick around and possibly contribute as a special-teamer.

Allen George – cornerback – 5’11” 191 -Vanderbilt

Allan George speed and makes some nice breaks.

He has excellent ball skills, which are showcased in this clip. The ball is tipped and George tracks it down for the interception.

The Bengals need to add depth in the defensive backfield. If George can show some position versatility and special teams value, he may be able to catch on in Cincinnati.

Bookie Radley-Hiles - defensive back - 5’7” 183 - Washington

Bookie Radley-Hiles is not a great athlete, but seems to understand his role and get into the right position, but standout.

Occasionally he has some big hits, like you see in this clip, but there are other times when he seems to back off.

In order to make this roster, he will need to show value on special teams.

Abu Daramy-Swaray – defensive back – 5’9” 172 - Colgate via Potsdam Royals (German Football League)

Daramy Swaray was not in this draft class, but is an NFL rookie. He also happens to have professional experience in Germany. In that league, he played all over the field, but projects as a slot in the NFL. Despite being undersized, he is very physical and a good tackler. He has extremely smooth hips and makes quick breaks on the ball.

He has excellent ball skills, which are showcased in this clip.

His size is a limiting factor, but he has some intriguing athletic traits that could give him a chance to stick around. Finding a niche on special teams would be huge.