A request

I love freedom of speech more than anything in this world. However I have a request. If the mods on this site are going to post a story that is non-football related and then turn off the comments can they just keep the story off of the site? I understand not wanting to create a Sh1t storm of comments, this is a football site first and foremost and should stick to that. But if you post a story about Joe Burrow being pro-choice and then turning off the comments for said story what is the point?

We all have an opinion on the subject and it seems that only one side gets the time of day and the other is shouted down. Please just keep the political BS out of this site, leave it at the trash sites where it belongs. It does not belong here on a football site. I dont care if it was the QB of our team saying it. It is not relevant to us winning games or rooting on this team.

Hate me for this and ban me if you like, dont care. I only care about football here and everyone else should too.

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