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Bengals announce ‘White Bengal’ alternate helmet

It’s happening!

It’s arriving at last.

The Cincinnati Bengals have officially announced they’ll be sporting a white and black alternate helmet starting this season.

The team has not yet released a photo of the helmet, but we can safely assume it will look like this:

This has been wanted by the fans ever since the team unveiled all white and black Color Rush uniforms back in 2016. That uniform has lasted through the franchise’s uniform remodeling, and now, the team can wear these new helmets as alternates during the season.

In 2021, an NFL rule change allowed teams to wear a designated alternate helmet, but it can only be worn with alternate uniforms a certain number of games per year. This means the White Bengal helmet won’t be a regular occurrence, but it will most definitely be worn when the team is wearing white jerseys, pants, and socks like they did in Week 1 of last season.

What do you think of the team’s decision to go White Bengal? Were you hoping for the black and orange inverse helmet or maybe the 1970’s Bengals script helmet? Let us know in the comments!