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Kyler Murray inks monster deal that includes $160 million guaranteed

What could that mean for Joe Burrow and even Lamar Jackson?

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With free agency and the NFL Draft having long been passed, we’ve officially entered a lower point of the offseason with OTAs set to commence in the near future. That also means teams are starting to plan for the future.

The Arizona Cardinals seem to have found the player they expect to be their savior, Kyler Murray. Murray helped lead the Cardinals to the best start in the NFL last season before a disappointing last several weeks. Injuries didn’t help either.

Nonetheless, the two-time Pro Bowler now has his bag. Murray signed a five-year deal that includes $160 million guaranteed per Adam Schefter.

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson set the quarterback market ablaze when he inked a five-year deal with $230 million guaranteed. These deals are setting the starting for what top-tier quarterbacks like Joe Burrow may expect to sign for.

On a quicker note, Lamar Jackson is up for a new deal, and he could see similar money as he has an MVP under his belt and has had a more successful career from a team perspective than Murray.

Burrow is the only one that’s been to even an AFC Championship Game, as the Ravens lost in the divisional round in two of the last three years.

With that in mind, Burrow could command somewhere around that $160-$180 million guaranteed or even more, but there’s really no telling if he’d be more open to a deal that allows the Bengals to keep players like Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Boyd, Logan Wilson and Jonah Williams around for the long-term future.

Expect news on Jackson to come fairly soon. That should be another contract that paves the way for Burrow’s deal next offseason.