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Ken Anderson, Ken Riley advance as senior finalists for 2023 Hall of Fame class

The Kens are in the final 12.

Cincinnati Bengals - 1971 File Photos

Ken Anderson and Ken Riley have been named finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2023 in Seniors, Coach/Contributors categories.

Anderson and Riley, two of the six Cincinnati Bengals Ring of Honor members, were two of 25 senior semifinalists for the 2023 class. Now they are one of two of 12 finalists. Three will ultimately be selected as finalists, as is the case for the next three Hall of Fame classes, and one will be voted in.

Anderson and Riley are not only two of the greatest players in Bengals history, they were elite NFL players during their era. Anderson was a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback who won two passing titles and an MVP. Riley is still top-five in career interceptions.

Riley unfortunately passed away two years ago, but Anderson still makes it back to Cincinnati for non-profit organization, the Ken Anderson Alliance.

The Bengals have Anthony Munoz as their only former player in the Hall of Fame.

We’ll find out if both Anderson and Riley end up being selected for enshrinement on August 16th.