Thanks To All CJers Again

Most guys and gals here may remember that in appreciation for all of the good times and friendships I have been fortunate enough to experience over my last 12 years or so here, I try to gift someone here something Bengals every year. It has been game tickets or tickets to Bengals events mostly a Bengals Jersey. I am not as active as usual so it will once again be a jersey. The winner will be able to choose a player and style of their choice when and if available. Frankly, it is the least I feel I can do. The only thing I ask is for you to post a picture of you and the jersey so people know this isn't BS.

The hard part, believe it or not, is how to choose who gets it. So I try to make it something fun. Here I will try something different and ask a question where I have posted the answer several times thru my time here. I will keep the question for a week and if nobody gets it I will choose a simpler one as this one is kind of weird.

What is my favorite 2 digit number and to make it a bit harder - why? I will say it has nothing to do with any players number in particular. It is not a prime number but it does have one distinct characteristic for you to find to win and another interesting one - well - just because it is interesting. Other than these two things it has no particular meaning to me.

Good Luck - JJ

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