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Staying Close: Adam Jones’ business keeps his roots in Cincinnati

Jones found a home in Cincinnati and is giving back.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals

The NFL career for former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones found stability in Cincinnati. After beginning his career with the Tennessee Titans and a brief stint with the Dallas Cowboys, Jones found himself with the Bengals in 2010, on what was believed to be his last chance in the NFL. He would stay in Cincinnati for the next eight seasons, playing the best football of his career.

They will always say what they want about Pacman, but the talent he displayed cannot be disputed. With All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors, Jones proved to be one of the most dynamic punt returners the game has ever seen. Once he settled in to Cincinnati, it became clear Jones not only found a place he loved playing, but he found the place he would call home. Now that his playing career has ended, Jones still lives in Cincinnati and has begun planting his business roots in the area.

J24 Athletic Complex is a 6,000-square-foot athletic training complex located in Amelia, right outside of Cincinnati. Jones has used not only his knowledge of athletic training, but his personal connections to build a facility to give back to the community that embraced him. The complex features state of the art training equipment that works for young children, all the way to young adults.

The facility isn’t just focusing on speed and strength, but more so on molding clients into complete athletes. They have yoga programs, HIIT programs and personalized training plans based on what the individuals are looking to accomplish. Jones himself will train athletes, but he has also assembled a team of knowledgable trainers to keep things running smoothly when he’s away recording the I Am Athlete podcast.

The complex certainly has the identity of Jones, with some of the fan favorite quotes shown around the workout area. Fans who follow him on Instagram know a trademark saying of Jones was always “Love what you do, do what you love,” and that is prominently displayed along one of the main walls. In videos on social media, you’ll notice a very upbeat vibe with Jones encouraging athletes through their workouts.

While you enter a business to make a profit, J24 also offers free training programs at times to get children in the community excited about getting active. They have hosted free camps and clinics on special occasions and offer affordable plans for young athletes who want to take their games to the next level.

As a player who saw ups and downs during his career who was largely a fan favorite in Cincinnati, it is nice to see him stay in town and find a way to help give back to a community that can be credited with saving his NFL career. Providing world class training to the area, engaging with fans on social media and promoting the team in his media work, Jones is proving to be a Bengal for life.

For more information on J24 Athletic Complex and some clips of their training, you can visit their Instagram.