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Bengals’ new DJ looks to energize PBS, put new twists on antiquated traditions

DJ Prymtime is about to change the (audio) game.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Bengals have made monumental changes in recent years, revamping their social media team, adding a Ring of Honor and the Ruler of the Jungle spectacle, and now re-imagining the audio experience at home games.

Cincinnati’s newest master of ceremony is one DJ Prymtime, a soft-spoken, polite man with a burning passion for evoking energy and enthusiasm in others. He recently came on our show to discuss his approach to managing the musical repertoire at Paul Brown Stadium:

Prymtime feels fortunate to join the franchise at a time at which energy is surging. He hopes to ride that wave and pour a few thousand gallons on it in the process. “The whole city’s behind the team right now,” he told us. “And I’m hoping to add my little part to it to get us back to the Super Bowl and win it this year.”

So what does that mean? It means having a pulse on the sentiments of fans and not adhering to the set playlists of his predecessors. “I want to bring a lot of energy to Paul Brown Stadium this year and to get everybody out of their seats having fun, cheering, dancing, celebrating a lot of touchdowns,” he said. “I also want to bring a newer take on older traditions, modernize them, as the fanbase is getting younger, especially with a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon.” Prymtime added that he has an eclectic taste in music, and nothing should be considered off limits.

Fans can expect Prymtime to enhance game days on account of his tremendous experience reading crowds and adjusting based on situations. “A first down is different from a big third down,” he said, demonstrating his awareness of the vacillation of football contests. This daring approach, though, may not be easy to pull off from the start. “It’ll be a learning process, so just be patient with me,” he requested humbly.

You can also listen to the interview on iTunes or using the player below: