Pre Camp Roster guesses and battles I am excited to see

I am bored and ready for football season to get here. The Reds are depressing, FC Cincy isn't where they need to be yet and I ready for the Bearcats and Bengals to hit the gridiron. So with training camp approaching I thought I would try my hand at a roster projection and add in the roster battles that I am most looking forward to watching this summer.

First QB the Bengals are going to keep 2 on the 53 and 1 on the Practice Squad, no need for much typing here Burrow is the man by a mile, then Allen is the back up by a mile and Browning gets the PS spot by default, absolutely nothing changes here unless Browning has a bad Preseason and the Bengals look to the wire to add a new 3rd QB

Next at RB I believe the Bengals keep 3 again and for now I think the Bengals keep it the same with Mixon Perine and Evans. It is going to take a big summer from either T. Williams or the Rookie Jones on Offense and Special Teams to unseat Perine. It could happen but for now I have Williams and Jones pegged for the PS

I will go TE next, Bengals keep 3 they will be Hurst, Sample and Wilcox (for now). I think the battle for the 3rd spot is going to be intense between Wilcox, Eubanks, Moss and Washington, there is an outside chance the Bengals could keep four if two of the young guys show out, but it is only a slim chance. One of the young TE's will go to the PS but right now who that is would just be a shot in the dark but I am guessing Washington right now since he was the one that got some good OTA pub.

Ok onto WR, Bengals are going to keep 7 here, Chase Higgins and Boyd start and currently Thomas Morgan and Taylor are the 3 backups with Taylor doubling as the punt returner. I don't believe the 7th WR is here yet and I have gone back and forth between a veteran like OBJ or E. Sanders and a young guy who may be cut or traded, we should know after the 15th when we know if Bates is extended or not and how much cap space they have. Bengals probably keep 2 on the PS with Heiligh and Lassiter leading the way. I can't wait to see the young WR's play this summer as we have some exciting guys in reserve and I don't think we will see too much of the Big 3 until the start of the season. Lassiter in particular has a shot to unseat Taylor as a rookie as the backup slot and PR with a good preseason.

I will do the O-line now and what a difference an Offseason makes, Bengals probably keep 9 here with an outside shot at keeping 10 if someone shows out but 9 is usually their number. At OT Bengals keep Collins Williams and Prince for sure. At OG Bengals keep Cappa, Carman and Volson with Smith making it as the 4th Tackle/Guard guy. OC sees Karras as the starter and what should be one of the better preseason battles on this team for his backup between Hill, Brown and Gailard. Right now I think Hill is the leader to be the backup Center but it would not shock me if Brown over takes him. The loser of the Brown/Hill battle goes to the PS with Adeniji and Cochran also looking at PS spots depending on how many lineman they want to keep.

That is 24 on Offense, 9 O-line, 7 WR, 3 RB, 3 TE and 2 QB's and 8 of the 16 PS spots 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR 1 TE and 2 OL. This Bengals staff has been using the 24 on Offense 26 Defense and 3 Specialists and I doubt that changes.

Onto Defense I will start with the easiest group the LB's, Bengals will keep 5 with Wilson Pratt Bailey and Davis-Gaither getting 4 of them. I expect Bachie (if he is 100% with his knee) Johnston and the UDRFA Wells to have a big time battle for that last spot with Bachie getting it if he is healthy, although it would not shock me at all if Wells comes in and makes this team. There will be a really good guy from this group on the PS waiting for his opportunity, just not sure who it is at this point.

DE, Bengals will keep 6, there is just too much young talent here to keep 5, Hendrickson Hubbard Ossai and Sample lock down 4 spots, Kareem should get the 5th spot if he can stay healthy and Gunter and Hubert ought to have a solid battle for that last spot, with the loser going to the PS

At DT I think the team keeps 4, two 3T and two Nose Tackles for now, Reader and Hill start with Carter and Tupou being the backups. I would still love to see another veteran DT sign and for me it would be Richardson, he is a solid pro at what should be a reasonable price tag, with Philon being the fall back option. Either way I feel the spot on Defense they go heavy at is the D line with 11.

At CB it is pretty cut and dry right now with Awuzie and Apple starting on the boundaries and Hilton in the slot with Taylor-Britt and Flowers being the backups and Davis on the PS. I would like to see the Bengals go sign Kevin King here, as I look at the guys we have in camp I think we are thin on boundary corners and will look to add 1 here. King is young, has the size Anarumo likes and should not cost a lot. When we do sign someone, we will keep 6 CB's and 4 Safeties on the 53 but until then I am going with 5 and 5.

At Safety Bates, Bell, Hill and Anderson make the team with Wilson and Thomas battling for the last spot and a spot as a core special teamer. I lean towards the vet Thomas as I believe Evans is more than capable at KR but either way I am hoping the loser clears waivers and can be re-signed to the PS.

Specialists aren't going to change without a big summer from the youngsters I firmly believe Huber Harris and McPherson are all back with Adomitis going to the PS for a year. As for Chrisman I think he is a better Punter at this point but I am not sure if he is as good a holder and with McPherson being such a weapon that can be risky, besides I think the coaches want Huber to get the games played record as well.

There is my 26 on Defense 11 D-line, 5 LB and 10 DB's and the 3 ST's. I think the last 8 PS spots will be 1 DE, 2 DT's, 1 LB, 2 CB's, 1 S and 1 Specialist for a total of 16.

As for Training camp and the Preseason, I don't think you will see a ton of the Bengals starters in Preseason games, not with playing until Feb, then having only a short break before OTA's and another short break before the start of what is hopefully another long season. We should get a good look at our backups with the starters getting the bulk of their work in controlled practices and with the joint practices with the Rams, and I can't wait to see some of them. I still think the Bengals need to add 3 players for depth on this roster, a 4th WR that can start if necessary, a veteran DT and 1 more Boundary corner. If we can finish those 3 spots look out. Lastly here is hoping the Bates situation works out or at worst doesn't become a problem, we really do need him here and playing like he did in the Playoffs to defend our Crown. I can't wait to see some of you all at T.C and in the Jungle, WHO DEY all and thanks for reading this!!!!

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