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NFL appeals Deshaun Watson 6-game suspension

The NFL reportedly wants an indefinite suspension of at least one year and a large monetary fine.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images


As expected, the NFL is appealing the ruling of Judge Sue L. Robinson’s six-game suspension for Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson.

According to ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington, the NFL wants an indefinite suspension of at least one year and a large monetary fine.

Of course, even if the league does hand down a bigger suspension, Watson will likely sue them in federal court to get an injunction that could lead to him playing for at least part of the 2022 season, though that could backfire big time if Watson ends up suspended in 2023 when he stands to lose more money.

We finally have an initial suspension length for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Judge Sue L. Robinson, the third party arbitrator between the NFL and NFLPA, has landed on a six-game suspension for Watson.

The NFLPA already announced it will not appeal the suspension, and a mere six-game suspension won’t change that. The ball is in the NFL’s hands now, and they have three days to file an appeal. If that occurs, commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee “will issue a written decision that will constitute full, final and complete disposition of the dispute,’’ per the collective bargaining agreement agreed upon in 2020.

Watson, who signed a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract with the Brown in March, has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of massage therapists he worked with during his time as the quarterback of the Houston Texans. He has settled 23 of his 24 civil lawsuits after two grand juries declined to indict him on criminal charges. He settled three of those lawsuits Sunday night.

The grand juries’ not guilty verdicts haven’t exactly repaired Watson’s reputation, nor have the now 23 settlements. The sheer number of cases that have been made against the 26-year-old quarterback make a damning enough argument. Nearly twice as many women have made accusations against him and didn’t even pursue legal action or financial compensation.

Watson hasn’t played since Week 17 of the 2020 season. By the time he’s eligible to play again, 659 days will have passed. The Browns play the Baltimore Ravens the week Watson can return.

The Cincinnati Bengals play the Browns one week later.