Eli Apple

Howdy friends! <3 Been awhile since posting (name used to be DaltontoGreen, but had to get with the times lol) hope everyone has been well. Still been keeping up with everything definitely and honestly something I wanna point out after practice today. While yeah Ja'Maar had an insane grab today, I feel like its worth noting that when going up against Eli he was only 1 for 5. Now obviously we know Ja'Maar is an elite receiver, but the fact that Apple has had a strong camp when out there and was able to do what he did today against a premiere receiver in the league, I'm feeling much more optomistic about him then I was before, it's still good to see CTB competing for more playing time. But with Apple playing against Chase like he is I feel like 2 things (maybe 3) have happened.

He's gotten better by constantly playing against one of the best, has had a fire lit under him with CTB being here now, and has seriously had time to have a full offseason to get better as a starter in Lou's system. I'm feeling a lot better as about our CB depth especially if it can translate into games which will obviously be a deciding factor overall. But as for right now, it's really encouraging to see him continue to make strides.

How do you feel about it?

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