53 Man Roster Post Game 1 of the Pre-Season

QB-Burrow, Allen

RB-Mixon, Perine, Evans

WR-Boyd, Chase, Higgins, Taylor, Thomas, Morgan, Pryor

TE-Hurst, Sample, Wilcox

OL-Williams, Carman, Karras, Cappa, Collins, Smith, Volson, Hill, Adenijii, Prince

DL-Hendrickson, Reader, Hill, Hubbard, Ossai, Carter, Topou, Gunter, Sample, Kareem

LB-Wilson, Pratt, ADG, Bailey

CB-Awuzie, Apple, Hilton, Flowers, Taylor-Britt, Davis

S-Bates, Bell, Hill, Thomas, Henderson

ST-McPherson, Harris, Huber PR-Taylor KR-Evans

Still don't know what we actually have along the OL for reserves. While no one was the least bit impressive, you can never truly evaluate a player when they are playing alongside inferior players. Carman and Volson will probably look much better playing between Karras and Williams. And we didn't get a chance to see D'Ante Smith. I would however keep Q. Spain on my speed dial.

Went light at LB since we generally are in 2 LB sets the majority of the time. By the looks of things last evening, LB's #5 and #6 should easily pass-through waivers and end up on the PS.

Wasn't too impressed with Anderson last night while every year Henderson seems to stand out in the pre-season. I think it's time to give him his chance. Wilson is still obviously recovering and will in all likelihood open the season on the PUP. This leaves Taylor and Evans as our main returners. Someone else is going to need to step up to be the back-up, maybe someone like Pryor. Pooka played himself off the team with his muff and Lassiter didn't get much opportunity to show much.

There are still 2 more games for players to show up and prove they belong and to alter my 53-man prediction, they will have to play off the charts. I look for some of these names to change after the final cut-down as there might be a couple of names on my roster that need to go (Think OL) and someone will be out there will be a clear upgrade. Judging by the punting competition last night, we might have to find another punter as neither looked very good.

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