Only one Bengal in NFL's top 100-51 -- How many will be in final 50?

I was surprised that only one Bengal -- Trey Hendricksen @ 78 -- was listed in NFL's Top 100 from #100 - #51.

(Maxx Crosby was listed 20 spots better than Hendricksen.)

The next tier will be revealed next week.

At this point I expect Jessie Bates III will not be in the top 100 at all. (He was in last year.)

No La'el Collins.

Will Tee Higgins be in the top 50? Mike Evans checked in at #53 -- Is Higgins considered better than Evans?

I assume Joe Mixon will be in the top 50. For sure Chase and Burrow. I guess that's it?

So my assumption is 4 Bengals will be in the NFL's list. (Possibly 5 if Higgins makes it.) That is pretty much average.

I would think defending conference champions would have more top players than 4 -- it just goes to show how lucky they were last year.

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