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Twitter reacts to Ken Riley being named a finalist for Hall of Fame

It’s about dang time.

Bengals Ken Riley Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals seem to be a formality away from finally having their second Hall of Famer in the team’s history. It is something that fans of this team have been very vocal about for years now, but defensive back Ken Riley is one of the senior finalists for the Hall of Fame.

Riley’s induction has been a LONG time coming.

Riley has been firmly sitting between several Hall of Famers on this career interceptions list, which includes Charles Woodson who was inducted last season. This isn’t meant to be a dig at any of the other players there, but it is the reason why Bengals fans have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out why Riley hasn’t been inducted.

The fans have been insanely involved in attempting to get Riley as well as other deserving Bengals into the Hall of Fame. Many participated for years without seeing any movement from the committee.

Today those fans got to feel the sweet satisfaction of helping a Bengals’ great find his rightful home in Canton, OH. That feeling can’t be replicated.

Two of the guys who knew Riley the best have to feel great for their friend. It is a travesty that this couldn’t happen while Riley was alive to see it, but at least his family and friends get to celebrate his career.

And finally, let's make sure this train of momentum doesn’t stop here with the Bengals who have been waiting for their time to be called up.