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Aaron Donald unlikely to be suspended for swinging helmet at Bengals; should he be?

Myles Garrett was once suspended six games for a similar incident, but a weird technicality may keep Donald from facing a similar fate.

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Pretty everyone and their grandma saw some sort of skirmish coming between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams this week.

Between a pair of joint practices and Saturday’s preseason game, something bad was bound to happen between the two tams that just had a very hard-fought and emotional Super Bowl LVI clash earlier this year.

After Wednesday’s session went off without a hitch, things broke down in a big way on Thursday, as both teams engaged in a fight that saw Aaron Donald swinging not one but two Bengals helmets.

You can clearly see Donald’s helmet swing make contact with at least one Bengals player’s own helmet.

It wasn’t that long ago Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett was suspended six games for essentially doing the same thing Donald just did in a fight with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

However, it doesn’t appear Donald will be suspended, and it’s because of a pretty weird technicality.

So, the NFL has no problem suspending players for various things they do off the field or in an actual game but can’t suspend a player for something he did on the practice field? Makes total sense.

Between the suspensions to Garrett and most recently Deshaun Watson, if Donald isn’t suspended for his antics, the Browns will be, as Watson likes to say, “triggered,” so at least some good would come of this scenario.

All told, do you think Donald should be suspended? What should his punishment be? Let us know in the comments section!