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Zac Taylor gives update on Joe Burrow

Progress. We’re making progress.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals were back in practice today, but franchise quarterback Joe Burrow remains sidelined.

Following an appendectomy the day before training camp practices started, Burrow still doesn’t appear ready to go.

On Monday, we saw a small bit of progress as Burrow was off of the cart for practice and did some very light throwing.

ESPN’s Ben Baby also reports that Burrow got some walkthrough reps in with his receivers and his new tight end.

At the conclusion of practice, head coach Zac Taylor’s response when asked about Burrow was the same as it has been in recent weeks - no timetable is set for when we can expect to see Burrow back in pads.

A mid-August preseason game is nothing to rush Burrow back for, and it doesn’t appear that Taylor thinks anything otherwise.

Last preseason, as Burrow recovered from his knee injury, the camp questions were about when we would see him back in action. Citing last season’s brief preseason appearance, Taylor made light of the idea that Burrow needs preseason action this year.

Taylor clearly isn’t rushing Burrow back, nor should he.

In just two seasons in the NFL, Burrow has made it clear that there may not be a person in the league who wants to play football more than he does. While Burrow may want to be out there, everyone in the decision-making process knows the only date that matters is September 11th.

As the face of the franchise, this will certainly be a story until Burrow is cleared, but you should temper forget any expectations you may have about him playing any exhibition football.