A Few Thoughts

First Fanpost so bear with me.

Outside of the actual game takeaway:

I was at the game yesterday and parked about a mile away on Mehring Way, so I was able to walk through the sea of "Who Deys" and see the amped and lively tailgating scene that stretched to the stadium. Once in the stadium, it was clear that things are different. The stands were full, and man was it refreshing to see hardly any of those d**n yellow towels. Bengals fans showed up and created a great home game atmosphere.

On to yesterdays game:

Everyone loves to talk about winners and losers. I have seen a few posts putting fans in the loser's column. While to a degree I agree with this sentiment, I will also point out that looking at the big picture, fans are winners. We have a team and culture now where we expect to win. We have a team worthy of high hopes and lofty goals. Not all fanbases have that or have ever had that. Yesterday's loss should not have happened and is incredibly disappointing because we know this team was capable of winning in blowout fashion.

Couple of other thoughts:

1. Out side of KR, I don't think I saw Chris Evans out on the field. Would love to get him more involved especially in the passing game.

2. It felt like the pass rush was almost non-existent. Granted, I think the steelers weren't letting trubisky stand in the pocket long. A lot of quick passes and getting the ball out of his hands quick. Overall impressed with the D, but would love to get more pressure on Rush next week.

3. I think the criticism of not playing most of the starters in the preseason is valid and should be discussed more. It was very clear that we were rusty on offense. Obviously nothing you can do about the appendectomy but the o-line should have been out there some in my opinion.

4. Passing the ball twice having 2nd and 4 at the end of the game didn't make any sense. Offensive play calling left much to be desired. 6 points in the first half with our offensive weapons is as embarrassing as the loss itself.

5. It was not clear at the stadium what happened with the Refs adding time to the clock at the end of the game. Any explanation on tv?

6. Can someone explain not advancing a fumble. I understand the intent of the rule, but if I'm not mistaken when teams are doing the "back yard football" lateraling at the end of the game, there are time when the ball hits the ground (like maybe the backward pass one bounces) and the guys scoops it up and the play keeps going. Technically wouldn't that be advancing a fumble as the ball touched the ground? I probably am just misunderstanding the rule but didn't know if anyone had any clarity.

As bad of a loss as that was, the fact that we were in a position to win multiple times after 5 turnovers says something about this team. Would have been a great W to steal, but I don't see Burrow or this team having a similar showing next week.

Who Dey!

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