Everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down.

I know we're not used to grand success and we're so accustomed to losing games in ridiculous ways and being let down, but let's look at this situation from the other foot.

IMAGINE this game happened in 2015. Do you think that we only lose by 3 points because of an injured Clark Harris? No. We probably get blown out by like 30 and we go into week 2 with little to no confidence in our offense and questions about the coaching.

We're going to be OK. and you know why? Because we have Joe Burrow. He will be fine. The team will be fine, EVERYTHING is going to be fine.

Yes it does suck we lost to the luckiest team on the entire planet, but it's week 1. And we had to have LITERALLY everything go wrong in order for us to lose. One less TO, one less sack, one less penalty OR one less .1 seconds and we win.

Let's just look forward to Dallas without Dak, trust in our line, trust in our offense and trust in the fact that our defense is going to STIFLE this Dallas O.

Everyone got punched in the mouth and I know the team is more upset than all of us in dropping the first game of the season, at home, to a team that's WAY WORSE than us. They're going to comeback way more prepped after playing a full speed game and way more focused.

Who Dey?

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