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Elizabeth Blackburn named to NFL international committee

A rising star in the NFL front office world.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The impact Elizabeth Blackburn has had on the Cincinnati Bengals cannot be understated. Blackburn’s handprints are all over the rebirth we’ve seen from the team.

The improved gameday experience at Paycor Stadium, the new uniforms and the seemingly rapid modernization of the franchise can all be traced back to her and her growing role within the front office.

Fans in Cincinnati appreciate her, and it appears the NFL does too.

In the wake of the Miami Dolphins tampering scandal, Dolphins owner was removed from the NFL’s international community. Recently, we learned Blackburn was selected to be his replacement in that seat, per Ben Fischer.

At just 29 years old, Blackburn becomes one of the fastest growing young NFL executives in the league of any gender, but is continuing the trend of women being in positions around the NFL.

The Bengals front office is fairly low-key. You will hear the team assign roles to front office members, but it seems like they do a much more important position than the title would lead on. Duke Tobin, for example, is the director of player personnel, but we know he is essentially the general manager. Blackburn is listed as the Director of Strategy & Engagement and while she has excelled in those areas, it is clear her position in the front office is larger than that. With how well things have gone in her arrival, expect to see it grow even larger.

Congratulations, Liz! Who Dey Nation is glad to have you!