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Tee Higgins robbed of an incredible TD due to a dumb NFL rule

An amazing play wiped out by an NFL rule that needs to change.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are now 1-2 following their 27-12 win over the New York Jets, a game Tee Higgins had a big game in that should have been even better if not for a very odd rule.

In the first half, Higgins appeared to make an incredible touchdown grab that would have easily been one of, if not the top play of Week 3.

However, Higgins was ruled out of bounds after securing the ball in the end zone. His toes were in, but since it wasn’t a toe-dragging catch, he needed his heels in as well.

Mike Garafolo called it one of the “weirder rules” in the NFL. Considering he was in bounds with his toes and those did touch first, it does sound strange.

If toe-tapping catches count, so too should this. Hopefully, this play will help lead to the NFL changing the rule this offseason so that we don’t see more spectacular plays like this wiped off the board and potentially cost teams in close games.

Regardless, Higgins crushed it on the opening possession of capping it off with a touchdown or not. He had three receptions for 39 yards on the opening drive and finished with five grabs for 93 yards on the day.

Here’s the catch or not catch in question.

As for Joe Burrow, he seemed much better today at working through his reads while having the best game of his season thus far. The offensive line also held up, and the team finally converted at a high rate en route to the easy win.

Let’s hope this continues as the season goes on, especially with a looming Week 4 showdown with the undefeated Miami Dolphins, who already have wins over major AFC contenders in the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills.