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Willie Anderson gets big Hall of Fame endorsement

Big time.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael J. Minardi/Getty Images

Former Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Willie Anderson belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bengals fans have long known it and in recent years, the push for Anderson to go to Canton has grown stronger and stronger.

From social media campaigns to the Jungle to the Hall events, the support for “Big Willie” to be enshrined only grows stronger with each year he’s passed on.

Recently, you’ve seen more prominent figures in the NFL world championing for Anderson to get a bronze bust and the most recent endorsement comes from a familiar foe, Bill Cowher.

“I can say this, without any question, that Willie Anderson was probably one of the most consistent tackles that we ever played against,” Cowher said.

As the long time coach of the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, Cowher had a front row seat to watch the dominance Anderson showed throughout his career. While one of the most respected coaches in NFL history, Cowher also has a large media presence that adds even more weight to his public support of Anderson. There seems to be a tougher road for players from smaller market teams to get into the doors of the Hall of Fame, but one of the most recognizable names in the sport advocating for Willie can only help.

An old foe speaking out in support shows even more how well respected and deserving Anderson is.