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Film Room: Hendrickson’s Huge Day

Trey Hendrickson took over the game on Sunday.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the team’s winless record over the first two weeks of the season, the Cincinnati Bengals defense received a lot of praise. They ranked high in yards allowed and didn’t give up very many points, but two things were missing: turnovers and sacks.

Trey Hendrickson took care of both of those on his own this weekend.

The Bengals’ defense had four sacks against the Jets. Three of those were at least partially do to Hendrickson. All three were strip-sacks, and two of which were recovered by the Bengals. Interceptions by Logan Wilson and Jessie Bates added to the defense’s total and put the team on the plus side of the turnover margin.

Let’s take a look at some of Hendrickson’s best plays.

In this clip, Hendrickson (91) shows great burst off the line of scrimmage and easily gets by left tackle Conor McDermott (69) with a club-rip.

Cam Sample (96), who had a sack of his own in this game, is playing on the interior alongside B.J. Hill (92). The pair runs a twist. Hill crosses the center’s face, drawing the block with the intention of freeing up Sample, who loops to the other side. When the guard comes off Hill to pick up Sample, Hill looks almost surprised that he has come free, but he is able to meet Hendrickson at the quarterback. Hendrickson strips the ball and Hill recovers.

This was a fantastic play by Henderson and Hill. The Bengals used the defensive end, Sample, to add speed to the interior, but it was their starting three technique to came free to make a play alongside Hendrickson.

This time it is Joseph Ossai (58) who adds speed to the interior pass rush. He lines up inside of Hendrickson and shoots the A-gap. When the guard inexplicably comes off Ossai to block Wilson (55), who is blitzing the B-gap, Ossai has an open lane to the quarterback. The only reason he doesn’t get a sack, is because Hendrickson beats him to it.

Hendrickson rips by left tackle George Fant (76) with ease and quickly closes on the quarterback for another strip sack, which Hill once again recovers.

It didn’t matter who was a tackle, Hendrickson was on fire in this game. Fan-favorite Ossai nearly got his first NFL sack, but despite having the inside lane, he couldn’t get there as quickly as Hendrickson.

The Jets attempted to use the tight end chip to contain Hendrickson on this play, but it was futile. Hendrickson throws a club-rip on the tight end and another on Fant. The result is another strip-sack, but unfortunately, the Jets maintained possession this time.

Hendrickson was dominant in this game, regardless of how they tried to block him.

This one isn’t even a sack, but it was my favorite Hendrickson pressure of the day.

He threatens to shoot inside of McDermott, then gives him a shot and takes advantage of the shortened edge. He gets a hit on Joe Flacco, causing an errant pass which is nearly an interception.

Hendrickson had an incredible performance against the Jets, creating pressure and turnovers. This is exactly what the Bengals need on defense.