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Predict the outcome of Bills vs. Bengals

Two heavyweights go toe to toe in primetime.

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images

It is time. The Cincinnati Bengals (11-4) host the Buffalo Bills (12-3) on Monday night in a game that will all but determine who gets a first round bye and the number one seed.

Predictions for this game are all over the place, including a wild prediction from ESPN. According to this simulation, the Bengals will lose 37-9. You read that right.

The only a way a blowout like that is happening is if Cincinnati completely falls apart and Joe Burrow becomes a turnover machine. But the Bengals quarterback has played in big games before and, needless to say, he’s always risen to the challenge.

Had the simulation predicted that the Bills would win by double digits and the Bengals would still put up points, that would’ve been more realistic. Quarterback Josh Allen is tough to bring down and capable of connecting deep with his receivers from anywhere on the field.

But the chance of either team blowing out the other is low. Most believe this will be a close, one-score game, with many at the NFL Network predicting the Bengals will be victorious.

That’s actually a little surprising considering the Bills have been at the top of the NFL the entire season while the Bengals stormed to contention for the best record in the AFC recently, after ripping off seven straight. And it’s not like Buffalo is much cooler, as they have won six straight themselves.

So what do you think?

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