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Josh Allen opens up on facing Bengals again

It’s been just two weeks since Cincinnati’s canceled game vs. Buffalo.

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Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Week 17’s Monday night matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills never happened in the eyes of the NFL, but it certainly happened from the perspective of the players.

The moments that led to the game being canceled will surely be in the minds of Bills quarterback Josh Allen and every other player who was on the field with Damar Hamlin (who appears to be doing great!) when the two teams face one another this Sunday in Buffalo.

“I’m sure it’s gonna be a little bit emotional,” Allen told Kyle Brandt regarding the rematch with the Bengals. “I will say that I’ve got so much respect for the Bengals, their staff, their organization, and their players. After everything that transpired. The way that we came together and kind of talked with them—they were extremely open to the whole concept of not continuing the game and making sure that we were okay. Got a lot of respect for them.”

Such a jarring and unprecedented situation has led to this weekend’s heavyweight fight between two of the AFC’s best. Emotions will certainly be running high after kickoff, and the team that overcomes the early nerves first may end up having the advantage.

Listen to Allen’s full answer in the clip below.

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