Is Logan Wilson’s and Germane Pratt’s contract extensions an either/or situation?

This situation reminds me of 2015 when the Bengals gave Clint Boling a 5yr 26m contract. I was happy the Bengals were keeping home grown talent but sad because I knew they probably were not signing Kevin Ziegler. Sure enough Zeitler left for Cleveland 2 years later.

I would think Pratt will get 8m-10m per year while Wilson will get 12m-15m per year, So I doubt the Bengals will spend 20m-25m on LB position. If they decide Wilson is worth the extra money they might want to try and extend him this year, so atleast they would know they have one of the 2 going forward. As opposed to letting Pratt walk this year and then finding out they can’t sign Wilson next year.

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