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Twitter reactions to Bengals’ fun win over Bills in the snow

The Bengals had a chip on their shoulder, and their fans also ran with that in their reactions to this win.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

This was it. It was finally time for the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills to finally get a chance at playing each other since both had risen to the hierarchy of the AFC.

It was great to see both of these teams on the field after their last meeting was canceled with Damar Hamlin going into cardiac arrest. Hamlin was able to actually attend this game, which is just a great story all its own.

However, that was about the best news the Bills had going for them today. On the field, the Bengals took over from start to finish. They came out and were far more physical and prepared for this snowy game than the Bills were.

It looked like it could be close at one point, but Cincinnati’s defense was ready to answer what the Bills were doing offensively.

Also, Joe Burrow won the internet with his response to this question about the neutral site AFC Championship game getting canceled with their win.

Joe activates Joe Brrr mode

The Bengals got off to a fast start, and Burrow was the biggest reason. Despite the snow and the offensive line issue, He was red-hot coming out of the gate. He may as well have been in a dome tossing it around to guys in a 7-on-7 drill.

Fans let the NFL know about their Bengals after dominant performance

Usually, we’d break this into several different parts, but there was some seriously great tweets following this win. The fan base had plenty to celebrate as Cincinnati keeps proving that they belong as being deemed one of the top teams in the AFC despite being slept on by so many casual fans and analysts.

Everyone deserves a round of applause for not directing any hate at the Bills fan in general or going into the game overly cocky. The NFL seemingly gave the Bengals the toughest road to the Super Bowl with the rule change a week prior to the NFL that would have given the Bills a neutral site against the Chiefs next week. They also gave the Ravens a chance at a home playoff game. Meanwhile, the Bengals were given nothing but the short end of the stick as they controlled their road to the No. 2 seed going into that canceled Monday Night Football game. Cincinnati responded by making Buffalo their home today.

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