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Joe Burrow has as many career playoffs wins as the Bengals did in their first 52 seasons

It’s also as many playoff wins as the Steelers have in their last 14 seasons and the Browns have since 1971.

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The Cincinnati Bengals were not thought of as a premier franchise for most of their existence. Besides a great stretch in the 80s, the Bengals’ ceiling was mostly a playoff berth and not much else, as evidenced by their recent 31-year playoff win drought, as well as their 33-year drought of making a conference title game.

Nonetheless, they were not often true Super Bowl contenders, and being among those elite teams is far easier said than done, as it takes an alpha quarterback leading the way.

Thankfully, the Bengals got their alpha in Joe Burrow.

Burrow has been electric this season, and although the defense has been a key part of the Bengals’ success, it all started and may all end with Burrow. The culture has completely been overhauled since his arrival in Cincinnati, who have now won five games in the NFL Playoffs since last season.

This stat just goes to show how dominant he’s been in just a few short years in the Queen City.

Burrow’s five playoff wins are also as many as the Pittsburgh Steelers have in their last 14 seasons. It’s also the same number of postseason wins the Cleveland Browns have since 1971!

The Bengals will face the Chiefs in their second-straight AFC Championship Game with aspirations of reaching their second-straight Super Bowl. They are that good, and with Burrow at the helm, anything seems possible.

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