Fanspeak mock, while sleepers are still sleeping.

I did this Fanspeak yesterday it had the Bengals drafting 29th and I traded down from there. I love early mocks there are so many bargains.

40 Rashee Rice WR SMU. Will be a good slot receiver.

75 Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse. My favorite OT in draft.

109 Riley Moss CB Iowa. My 2nd favorite CB in draft.

132 Keeanu Benton NT Wisconsin. Good backup for Reader,

142 Tank Bigsby RB Auburn. I wanted Chase Brown Illinois but he was gone, surprised Bigsby was here.

143 Dylan Horton DE TCU. Should really test well and move up boards.

165 Ricky Stomberg IOL Arkansas. His value has seemed to go down from last year.

170 Kobi Turner DT WF. Good value at this point.

202 Dorian Williams LB Tulane. Coverage LB that hits like a 2 down LB.

Just thought I would throw out a mock before All-Star games, Combine and pro days move things around.

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