Cincinnati Hospitality

I like going to other teams SB Nation pages the week of an opponent. I think we all know we have our trolls and diehards but we also have some pretty level headed fans that can talk football, give/take some banter, and end of the day leave with a little bit of respect.

Today I started the commenting thread on an Arrowhead Pride post about KC BBQ and where to go while visiting for the best of the best. They did not disappoint and were cordial, helpful, and grateful hosts. So I’d like to return the favor to them for a respectful dialogue, Where in Cincy can we recommend to our foes fans for amazing food and atmosphere/support amazing local businesses?

I love my Cincinnati chili but I was born and raised in Colorado so don’t have the expert insight of a lot of y’all. Doesn’t have to be Cincy chili but what are some of your "must visit" restaurants you recommend?

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