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Joe Burrow’s dad shares photo of son in Chiefs helmet

He added: “Won’t be wearing that helmet Sunday”.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Joe Burrow’s father, Jimmy, recently shared a photo of his son on Twitter that has something really interesting in it: the Bengals star QB wearing the helmet of this week’s opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. The pic was taken when Joe was just a child, hugging hos mother, Robin, while wearing an oversized Chiefs helmet and watching an Iowa Barnstormer game.

Now obviously, too much shouldn’t be read into this. Joe was born in Ames, Iowa, and that state does not have a football team, making it entirely natural to buy Chiefs apparel.

But another interesting note is that it is quite possible that the Burrows went to watch Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner play, as he was likely on the Barnstormers at the time. In fact, even Warner chimed in on the topic.

So that was cute. However, now Joe is a grown man who hopes to embarrass the Chiefs franchise for the fourth straight time. Can he do it? Watch our preview to find out:

You can also listen on iTunes or using the player below: