Keep the Cincinnati Roster Together with "Cincinnati Endorsement"

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I am a local Cincinnatian for 39 years. Director of a Museum in Springdale and employee at a Cincinnati based aerospace company. I have been a loyal fan through all the years of struggles and couldn’t be prouder or happier for the current team. I am starting this fundraiser as a way to create a community funded endorsement deal, or other arrangement, we can use to help incentivize players who are on the fence to stay in Cincinnati (Higgins(2024)? Hurst? Irwin?
Bates? Pratt?).

I will look to turn this into a continuously managed and transparent way for any community to help keep their roster whole year over year.

My mission will be to support players by providing a way for the community to engage (gift) into endorsement deals with players entering free agency should they choose to stay with the team. Anticipated Projects could include appearances, radio, social media all centered around areas that help the entire community. For example supporting the rebuilding of CVG airport or spending time at the Cincinnati Museum center with fans and promoting the museum.

We will operate like a non-profit with minimal to no management costs. We will also ensure the team is doing their part first… This should not be a method for the team to avoid salaries, but more support a mutual desire for the economics to work for the player. Funds, should they not be used in a calendar year supporting an endorsement deal or other arrangement, could be carried to the next year, and if not ever used either refunded or donated to a community non-profit.

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